Friday, February 7, 2014

Vote HE IS LEGEND in the 2014 Triple J Hottest 100

Enough of the fucking shit everyone. HE IS LEGEND is releasing an album in 2014 and we need to make some fucking noise about it. Because triple fucking j or any other fucking shit radio station in Australia won't play their epic shit.

This website is dedicated to getting the first single 'SOMETHING WITCHY' in to the Triple J hottest 100 in 2014. Because THEY won't play it... WE WILL DEMAND IT! Share this with your friends, sign up to the newsletter, like the facebook page to show your support.

In November, I will send a Facebook status update and a Newsletter out to anyone to signs up to it, to remind you to vote / show you how to vote for HE IS LEGEND - SOMETHING WITCHY in the 2014 Triple J Hottest 100.

Together, lets get HE IS LEGEND in to ears across Australia.


vote HE IS LEGEND 2014

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